I have dreamed of being a psychologist since childhood.
A psychologist is a helping profession, it is about help here and now, support, responsibility and competence.
For this I am constantly learning and developing:
I also have more than 2 years of experience in personal therapy, which I continue, and more than 1,5 years of group therapy, which is very important for a psychologist.
Dnipro National University (DNU) O. Honchara, master's degree, 2012-2018
TA-101 (EATA, 2019)
Seminars of Sexology (Iryna Proskuryakova, 2020-2022)
Basic course in Psychosomatics
Seminar «Sexual violence: principles of crisis care and therapy»
Module of the Positive Psychotherapy course «Counseling and psychotherapy of couples and dyadic relationships»
Membership in The International Association of Psychosomatics and Body Therapy
Now I'm training as a psychotherapist and became a member of the Dnipro area of the Ukrainian Umbrella Association of Psychotherapy
Membership of The World Association for Person-Centered & Experiential Psychotherapy & Counseling

Important information

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